Gravity-  “gravity gives us an up and down” orientation to the environment in which we live. Therefore, paintings, particularly those with a rectangular shape usually have a natural” top and bottom orientation because this reflects how the viewer and the artist perceive the world we live in.”



Recently I have been engaging in the ideas of motion, time, and perspective. To better understand my position on these notions I took a human relational approach to better understand how to apply these constructs into my work. I found that time influences motion. This theory is based on the idea of a camera or a recording. When you slow down the shutter speed in camera to 5- 20 seconds you get a long exposure effect that mimics strings flowing through space. This illusion some may allude provides a sense of time passing. Cameras are one of the best tools we use to record time. I want to portray these same type of images through painting. Moments that are captured are fragments just as one would fragment scenes in an animation or a cinematic film. Time feels like a collage of time. When you slow down the rate of speed you see the impact of the subject moving in segments. When we orient life in this way we can have a sense of how to perceive the world we live in from a dimensional aspect. I was inspired to portray this concept in my recent works. As I continued to research and dig up more context I looked deeper into physics and how gravity also impacts time and motion. These ideas have been pushing me into wanting to explore voids, well energy to be specific.The goal is for me to figure out how to masterfully portray streams of importance in time and maybe introduce the collapsing of time. I plan to produce a few sculptures to build on this concept to carry the conversations from the paintings. So gravity, besides orientation, gravity has a way in my opinion of defining weight. Weight can be defined in several ways. My works in the near future will speak on this concept and how it influence our way of thinking and doing. I was skeptical with taking this approach because its leading me closer into afro futurism futurism and my goal was to not make race specific work. I has a concern with labels as an artist or being put in a box. I am excited to see how this journey goes through this new way of thinking about my previous conflict.

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