Asé Selah (Neal Fudge IV), painting through Abstract Expressionism with an influence from the Cubism Era, has emerged as a distinctive visualizer in twenty-first century American art. Asé’s life journey as an artist developed its unique path as he portrays his unorthodox lifestyle on canvas. His work portrays the intense connection to raw emotion which is displayed through a variety of his relatable pieces. Asé’s work is filled with heavy compositions, bright streaks, soft shades and uneven tones that is calmly met with sporadic patterns. Asé Selah’s artistry invites viewers to reflect on aspects of life’s ups and downs. In his works It is common to be welcomed by controversial thought. Asé’s unconventional style has made solid hues, bold lines, symbolic shapes and phrases, the hallmark of his unparalleled and unique work. His technique of applying multiple layers has led critics unable to describe his work as anything but "beautifully complex”. It is commonly said that Asé Selah’s work ethic and raw talent are evident through his various creative platforms.