About me

Ase Selah

Neal Fudge IV commonly known as Asé Selah, an Oakwood University alumnus and current student at The School of the Arts institute in Chicago obtaining his Masters in Fine Arts, is a prolific muralist, art curator, and gallery owner whose passion for art has shaped his impressive career. With a strong commitment to giving back to his community, he has dedicated himself to the cause of art education and empowerment.

As an art director and gallery owner, Asé has curated numerous exhibitions showcasing emerging and established artists, fostering a vibrant art scene in Huntsville Alabama. His gallery has become a hub for creativity and cultural exchange, drawing art enthusiasts from all walks of life.

What truly sets Asé apart is his unwavering dedication to social impact. He is establishing a non-profit art program for underprivileged youth, providing them with access to art education, mentorship, and a platform to express themselves through art. Through this program will empowered countless young talents to discover their artistic potential and pursue their dreams.

Asé's work as a muralist has left an indelible mark on the urban landscape. His large-scale, vibrant murals can be found throughout the city, transforming blank walls into stunning works of art that inspire and captivate passersby.

In summary, Asé's journey as an artist has taken him from being a talented muralist to a renowned art curator, art director, and gallery owner. However, his true legacy lies in his dedication to making art accessible and empowering the next generation of artists through his non-profit art program for underprivileged youth. His work continues to enrich the cultural fabric of our community while leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter his artistry.