It has been amazing having a studio in Chicago. The environment has played a major role in some of my paintings. I typically like to observe environments and gain inspiration from the interactions i see. My creative days as of lately have been research based to say the least. For some weeks now i've been dealing with a thought. This thought started from a list of words which is gradually building in its concept daily. The list of words are as follows: Light, Color psychology, reflection, perception, perpetual motion, gravity, magnetic, projection, vibration frequencies, prisms, sub-conscious vs conscious mind, human behavior, and auras. I've been looking at my older works trying to develop more substance, depth, scale and tone.

So i've been going down numerous rabbit holes in efforts to piece together the intellectual properties of what it is i actually want to communicate in my new of work. I ultimately had to organize some sketches along with the list of words i mentioned earlier


Reflections appeared to be a great starting point. How does reflections impact perception? I did some digging through articles and videos from the university of youtube and found some very interesting information.


My interest in reflection welcomed the idea of how light plays a part in the process of reflection. I completed the same steps as i did with my research on reflection and the concept continued to develop. The question i present now is how can color be manipulated when dealing with the light and reflection? I presented this question with a few of my cohorts and the idea of prisms came about. I am inspired by this notion so much so I compiled some personality based questions that would help me associate colors with moods. In order for this study to work i would need subjects to participate in this process. Now that i have participants i now had to think about the reflection portion. I decided to get some mirrors and question their thought process when looking into the mirror. I then grab a sharpie and make two dot marks in the place where both of their eyes naturally look when they see their reflection.

This seemed to be a good basis to build upon. Next i grabbed a hammer and nail and placed incisions where the dots were to create prisms as the glass cracked by impact.

From this point i gave the participant the mirror back and took a photo of their reflection. What appears in the mirrors may seem to be completely different from the first image however the subject in fact did not change this is an understanding of manipulation because the reflection depicts a different story. I took a moment of observation and realized i discovered a way of manipulating reflection as a new approach for this body of work. Another portion of this experiment would be breaking down the participants emotional responses to help associate them with a color. My synopsis is that this process could be a gateway in showing ones aura based on the information given and received. Once i have all of this data i can start drawing the distorted face of the participant from the broken mirrored glass. As i'm building these concepts there are other ideas i want to explore to give this study a greater impact. I have provided some pictures to help demonstrate my process and inspiration. I look forward to hearing feedback and anything you think would be beneficial for my study to look into. 

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